SeLe ist ein Qualifizierungslehrgang für MitarbeiterInnen von österreichischen Bildungsverlagen. In diesem FFG-Projekt war ich als Projektleiter in das Antragskonzept, das Lehrgangsdesign, die Curriculumsentwicklung, die Kommunikation und das laufende Projektmanagement involviert.

CertNÖ ist Zertifizierungsstelle für Qualitätssicherung und -entwicklung von Bildungseinrichtungen. Ich durften den neuen Webauftritt sow ei die Einreichforumulare konzeptionieren und umsetzen.

"Wer forscht mit?" (Who wants to do research?) was both a communication and hands-on project targeting children in elementary school. My work included art direction, Wordpress Blog and font creation.

AFFiRiS is a Vienna based biotech company developing vaccines for diseases with unmet medical needs. My work included grant management, company website generation and development of a clinical study registration website.

GENINCA was an EU-funded project investigating the early stages of colon and liver cancer. My work was to ensure proper dissemination to all target audiences, especially through new media applications (website, videos, browser game).

Innovation Partners is a Germany based innovation managament company. I offered them full support in corporate design, communication measures image building.

TOBI was an EU-funded research project investigating new possibilities to prevent lethal consequences of obesity. I was responsible for appropriate presentation in new and classic media (website, videos, folder, posters).

Rainbow Scouting Austria is an initiative for LGBT boy scouts and girl guides, offering guidance to questioning youth and bringing the issue to Austrian youth leaders.

The European Researchers' Night is a pan-European public science event with hands-on experiments. I was responsible for a consistent project design, to the inside and the outside.

bobelle was an Austrian spin-off of Agatha Paris, a jewelry company. I was responsible for the overall design, including store decoration and catalogues.

MimoVax was an EU-funded research project developing a therapeutic vaccine against Alzheimer's disease. I was in charge of project management activities as well as dissemination of results to the public at large.

ENEMC is an Austrian based engineering company fot the steel industry. My work for them included logo development, image editing and web maintenance.